ISO 14001 Revision Update

At Interface NRM, we constantly thrive to be on top of our clients’ needs and questions. We have previously provided you with an ISO 9001:2015 update and so we are now providing you with a short update on the ISO 14001 revision.

As we are sure you are already aware, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System revision is well on its way and is now in its final stages. The final version is due to be published in October 2015. If you would like to have your own copy of the draft in the meantime, you can purchase one from the ISO shop:
Some of the key changes in the ISO 14001 Revision are as follows:

  • Increased prominence of environmental management within the organisation’s strategic planning processes
  • Greater focus on leadership
  • Addition of proactive initiatives to protect the environment from harm and degradation, such as sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation
  • Improving environmental performance added
  • Lifecycle thinking when considering environmental aspects
  • Addition of a communications strategy

If you are certified to the ISO 14001:2004 standard don’t worry, there is a three year transition period and we will inform you of everything you need to do, and who you need to contact (such as auditors and consultants) in order to transition to the standard in good time.

For the time being, we would like to provide you with some links to further information in case you have any further questions or would just like to have more information available.
Technical Committee information sheet.
ISO 14001 Revision Video.

If you would like to have a phone conversation with us please do not hesitate, we are more than happy to oblige. We would be happy to discuss your ISO 14001 certification, and what the next steps are for your organisation.

If you are not ISO 14001 certified and would like to be, fill in our enquiry form or call today.

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Recycle Week 2015 (22nd-28th July)

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We are nearing the end of recycle week now and hopefully you’ve done your best to recycle as much and as often as you possibly can! We have written this short blog just to give you some hints and tips on how to maintain your recycling the whole year round! Both at home and in the workplace.

If you aren’t already aware, recycling is extremely important for our environment and maintaining it’s natural resources. It’s about preserving resources and reducing pollution for our well-being.
This year the theme for Recycle Week is ‘recycling around the home’ but we want to include the workplace in that as well; the office is our second home after all.

We’ll start off with the home . . . you can make recycling fun, easy and convenient for your kids and therefore encourage them to recycle as part of everyday life. Convenience is key here, you should give your child a designated recycle tub to keep in their bedroom, it can match their décor or personality, make it personal to them. This way, there is no excuse for your youngsters to put recycling in the non-recycling bin. Do the same in your bathroom, get a small bin to have at the side of the toilet that is only for toilet roll tubes, this will again make it easy and convenient for your children, yourself, and guests, to recycle. If you have younger children you could have colour coded recycling bins and teach them colours and make recycling interesting for them. Or you could let them decorate the recycling bins themselves to really get them involved and interested. These are just a few examples to get you thinking.

Did you know that you can also use a food waste collection service? So don’t send your food waste to landfill, send it to be recycled into compost! There are many food collection services around the country, find out more here.

Your place of work probably already has recycling bins to encourage everyone to recycle more, but you could really step up the game by setting recycling challenges. Have rewards for the department who recycles the most over a month. Really get involved and make your workplace greener!

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint even more and promote your environmentally friendly company to you clients and suppliers, why not get ISO 14001 certification? ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for the environmental management of businesses. Implementing an Environmental Management System is the best way to control the impacts your company has upon the environment. Check it out here.

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ISO Certification UK

Here at Interface NRM we have been extremely busy visiting clients across the UK. We have been working on ISO 9001 in the West Midlands in areas such as, Birmingham, Telford, Shrewsbury, Kidderminster, and in Mid-Wales. We have also been working on ISO 14001 in various places across the UK, including South Wales, London and the Black Country. Here at Interface we enjoy working with different people and travelling the UK. We constantly strive to provide our clients with tangible business benefits and a high quality effective service.

If you are looking for UKAS accredited Quality and Environmental Management Systems Certification, do not hesitate to get in touch. We have an expert team who are more than happy to help and answer any of your questions.

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World Accreditation Day 2015

Today is World Accreditation Day 2015 a day to celebrate and respect the role accreditation plays in a vast array of industries, from health and social care to wood and timber. Accreditation provides a vital tool for industries across the world to deliver the best services they can. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Supporting the Delivery of Health and Social Care”. Health and Social care is an extremely large and vastly complex service, and the successful provision of these services is a great challenge. Accreditation is a key tool in the delivery of Health and Social Care, and as virtually all sectors have the same goals: a balance of quality, economic, social and environmental needs, striving to deliver, providing services that fulfill, all ultimately aiming for excellence, accreditation is a key tool in the delivery of any sector.

  • Having accreditation means that your organisation has been deemed competent to perform specific tasks
  • For example, accreditation for medical/clinical laboratories based on global standards such as ISO 15189 demonstrates to all stakeholders including health care providers, of the technical competence of that laboratory.
  • Quality Management Systems such as ISO 9001 helps organisations meet the needs of their customers and suppliers, as well as meeting the requirements of the international standard.
  • UKAS accreditation means that an evaluator can demonstrate to its customer that it has been successful at meeting the requirements of international standards.
  • Accredited companies are able to ensure the international comparability and reliability.
  • Accreditation drives up standards and provides assurance and confidence to customers and the public that the services or product provided has been independently inspected, and is therefore compliant with the standards used by the accredited inspection body/certification body.

Many press campaigns, events, seminars and workshops will take place in over 90 countries in conjunction with the celebration of World Accreditation Day to raise awareness of the value and importance of accreditation, and the role it plays in providing confidence in the delivery of services and products.

For further details, or to see how your organisation can benefit, please do not hesitate to contact us, a leading provider in UKAS Accredited Certification.

World Environment Day 2015

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Celebrate positive environmental action today with . . . the entire world!

World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ main vehicle for encouraging awareness and action to save our environment on a worldwide basis.

According to information gathered, the human race will need three planets to sustain our way of life and consumption by 2050 if changes are not made. At this present time, a number of the Earth’s ecosystems are nearing their critical point. Meaning depletion or irreversible change. All resulting from the vast economic growth and rising population.

The WED theme this year is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” This theme has been chosen to show that the well-being of humans, the environment, and the functionality of the economy, depend on the responsible management of Earth’s natural resources. Some alarming information however, is that human beings are now consuming much more natural resources than our planet can sustainably provide. Hence the three planets!

The bottom line of this theme then, is to think more about our consumption. We as people are more than capable of living within planetary boundaries to ensure a healthy future for ourselves and the generations to come. We must live sustainable lives by doing more and better with less.

Remember, Every Action Counts

WED give us the opportunity to realise our own responsibility to care for our Planet.

“Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose, we can make a tremendous difference.” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

People from all over the world, from all different walks of life take part is WED at each celebration. Hundreds and thousands have participated in individual and organised positive environmental action. On this day of enforcing change, the world comes together, no matter who you are, or where you are, we have one planet

So make that change now. You can register your activity by following the link below; share your activity with the world and be part of the change! Push to inspire others to join in and be counted.

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