ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Benefits

There are several benefits to implementing ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 management systems. By gaining certification your business could open itself up to whole new markets, and increase your success when applying for tenders.

As well as this other benefits include:

  • Reduction in waste and consumption
  • Effective risk management
  • Possible reduction in insurance costs
  • A competitive advantage against other businesses in your sector
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Stronger stakeholder relationships

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FAQ’s About ISO 14001:2015

Some of our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ISO 14001:2015 update

Who is it for?

This Standard is perfect for any SME, multi-sites and larger organisations, no matter the nature of the business.

What is it for?

The Standard helps organisations achieve industry regulated requirements to demonstrate to stakeholders that you consider the environment, and could give you more success when applying for tenders.

It also provides help on how to integrate the use of environmental performance evaluation techniques (EPE) and how to seamlessly merge Environmental Management Systems (EMS) with other compatible management systems, such as ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS).

This Standard is also very useful for multi-sites, as it provides a steady framework all sites can work to when implementing ISO 14001.

How can my business benefit?

The Standard can help your organisation develop, whilst still reducing the environmental impact of your organisational growth. It aids in enhancing your reputation with customers, stakeholders and the public, whilst also meeting regulatory Standards set by the industry, as well as local authorities and the government and assists you in the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PPQ) stage when applying for tenders. For many industries, an up-to-date ISO 14001 certificate is a necessity to be considered for a tender.

How is this different to my ISO 14001:2004 Standard?

The Standard was updated to make sure it seamlessly provided continual help with your business processes, enabling you to save money and deal with the environmental challenges that lie ahead in the near future. Whilst it still maintains a phased approach when managing risk and legislation compliance, other phases and stages have been updated.

Read a more in-depth review of the ISO 14001:2015 update, and comparisons with the 2004 version of the Standard here.

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3 Ways ISO 14001 helps industry meet environment

The UN announced that 2016 is set to be the warmest year on record, so here is 3 ways your company can reduce it’s environmental impact and improve credibility…

Reduction of emissions
By implementing ISO 14001, you are committing to working with a greener ethos. The system is seamlessly combined with your company’s strategies to reduce the amount of harmful emissions you produce. This “reduce” approach comes hand-in-hand with cost reductions, possible tax and liability insurance reductions.

2. Reduction of waste

ISO 14001’s primary focus is waste reduction. By identifying and addressing areas where waste is being created, you can adjust and address this accordingly, whilst improving your green credentials within your local community and with investors too.

3. Raising awareness

By going through the process of being certified for ISO 14001, you are making a statement. You are telling your employees, customers, and potential stakeholders that you are confident in your environmental statements. You can crate environmental awareness amongst your workforce, and actively reduce the risks to employees and the environment.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised Standard. To learn more click here. If you are interested in being certified, would like a quote or have any general enquiries, please call 01952 288325, or fill out our enquiry form.

ISO 14001 Certification for Business Growth

Get ISO 14001 Certification and Grow your Business Faster

ISO 14001 Certification provides your company with an Environmental Management System. As environmental issues increase in importance and public popularity, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to be environmentally credible and ‘do their bit’ for the planet.

With ISO 14001 Certification you will be fully equipped to assess the environmental impact you, as a company, are making, manage it, and therefore, improve it. This is something you can showcase to your customers and potential customers with an Interface NRM ISO 14001 Certification Logo on your website, company cars, social media and much more.

Interface NRM are also a UKAS Accredited Certification body, meaning that your customers with not have any doubt about the significance or legitimacy of your certificate. We also provide UKAS Accredited ISO 9001 Certification which can be easily integrated into your ISO 14001 System and visa versa.

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COP21 – ISO Standards can help tackle Climate Change

iso 14001 - climate change

Polar Bear, Climate Change

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to improve your impact on the Environment

COP21 is the annual conference of the UNFCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This year’s conference is being held in France taking place between 30th of November and 11th of December. The aim of the conference is to enable a global agreement on the action for climate change. It is hoped that the agreed global warming limit will be 2°.

The International Standard Organisation (ISO) has over 500 environmental standards, including ISO 14001 the international standard for Environmental Management. Standards such as ISO 14001 help address climate change and effective environmental management.

ISO 14001 enables companies to put in place an effective environmental management system, and is designed to address the balance between a company’s environmental impacts while maintaining profitability.

Environmental issues are growing in prominence; energy efficiency, environmental compliance, environmental impact, and carbon footprint are widely discussed. In implementing an environmental management system, companies can effectively control these issues, and ensure that they are fully compliant with environmental legislation. They also join in the fight against climate change. Being ISO 14001 certified, by a UKAS Accredited certification body, proves to stakeholders, customers, suppliers etc. that you are environmentally credible.

“We all need to find innovative solutions to adapt to climate change. Encouraging preventive actions and implementing solutions are an ambitious task, but we have at our disposal tools like International Standards to help us achieve sustainable development goals and to make a success of COP21” Acting ISO Secretary General, Kevin McKinley.

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Some of this information was taken from the ISO Website